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Seniors often have a need to simply their lives.   This may include downsizing to a smaller, easier to manage home, or moving into a condo, active senior community, assisted living, a nursing home, or a rental.  Making a move like this can be challenging and confusing.  How does one go about selling their home that they’ve lived in for many years?  There may be years of collected possessions that need to be dealt with.  The home may need repairs, updating, or cleaning.  On top of this they will then need to go through the process of finding and moving into their new home.  

As an Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) my goal it to help my clients live in a safe, healthy, affordable and comfortable home.  Because everyone has different wants and needs, I take the time necessary to be sure that they will be happy with their new home.   When a client is ready to sell, I can also help with the de-cluttering, cleaning, making needed repairs and getting their current house sold.  To get more information on how an SRES realtor can benefit a senior with real estate needs check out

If you would like a free estimate of your home’s value or to discuss anything that might help your housing concerns please call me at 310-614-5008.